Thursday, November 1, 2012

7 INCH!!!!!

Hello, nobody.

...but if you ARE reading this, i suppose you are slightly interested to hear some upendates.


you can download it for free at right now though, if you want.

we will be playing some sort of release show/party/afterparty thing that night and are looking for a venue, or for a venue for the night before or after. if you would want to host such an event, let us know!!! preferrably if you live in either billings or missoula. e-mail us at also, if you want to play with us for any of these events, let us know. also, we are trying to get to seattle for some shows, if you want to help us out with shows/contacts, let us know, also, if you want to come, let us know! we will probably say yes.

space camp! fuck yeah!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Hey look, we're on blogspot!

Hey everybody, welcome to the first blog of Idaho Green's life. I guess we could share some updates with the band and stuff, since it's all kind of been ambiguous of late. Here goes nothin'.

Jordie lives in Missoula, and Austin lives in Mississippi. Jordan's moving to mississippi for the summer, and he's throwing a sort of fundraiser at Foolius's on the 12th of May. Also, we're playing a bunch of shows in the New Orleans/ Baton Rouge area in a couple of weeks, as well as recording for our upcoming debut-ish 7 inch, which should be out sometime in July.  we are going to be going on a midwest-y tour in August, as well as play this year's WHYNOT!?! fest.

We will be in Billings around the 14th/15th of August, and we're hoping to play a couple of shows around town (your house???eh? eh? ...meh.) that week. Also, we're all going to Totalfest, hopefully as a band, and we'll spend some time in Missoula, and hopefully play a few shows ((your house???eh? eh? ...meh.)eh? meh.) in Missoula that week.

Anyway, that's about it. In summary, we are technically still alive, kind of like Jimmy Hoffa. I mean Elvis. I mean Christian Slater. There it is. But, this will indeed be a very busy summer, and we will finally record and have a 7 inch. If you're reading this, we will most definitely see you sometime this summer! thank you.